Froncis and the Vanquishers of Evil!!!!!!

Froncis and his gang are out to save Karameikos!


In the previous adventure, the characters had been engaged by Retameron Antonic, lord of Verge in northern Karameikos, to investigate a rumoured dungeon complex atop Mount Ben Dalen near the town. On their return to Verge, they hear tell of grave news. The settlements of Karameikos, especially northern Karameikos, have ever suffered from occasional raids from non-humans (usually goblins and gnolls). One such raid on Penhaligon three days ago breached the town’s walls and the goblins ransacked the town hall, making off with several items of value (including the platinum longsword of Amyria). Some of the townsfolk are even missing, presumed dead. The Freeriders and the Farstriders, both well-known adventuring groups in the area, are said to be away investigating. Scouts now report, however, that known bands of goblinoids appear to be retreating up into the mountains, probably amassing for an assault of some kind. And there is talk of some half-ogre leader called Tusk.

Character level: 3-4


The party respond to a call to arms: an orc invasion of northern Karameikos is imminent. After a meeting with Lady Arteris Penhaligon and her counsellors, the party are sent on a mission to rescue monks from a monastery. All but one are dead. Returning to Penhaligon, the party are then sent to seal the Nexus in order to prevent the orc army from breaching the defenses and sweeping unhindered into Karameikos.

Right now we are on the Siege of Bordrins Watch

Here are the Maps for the campaign with out the encounter descriptions

The Adventures of FATVOE

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