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Fos is quiet and could kill you with a stare


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Fos was Born and raised in and around Ironforge. Not a lot is known of his childhood. After his wife died, his son Evan was taken from him to be raised in an orphanage. He left Ironforge and joined a Assasin guild as a rogue. He then was a killer for hire for many years.

When Evan was old enough with a family of his own he and his son Gwillym went looking for Fos settling in the Grizzly Hills of Eastern Northrend. They never found him.

After several years in the assassins guild he finally fell in love again to a Dwarf named Harriet. They had a daughter named Gwen. After a couple years of a happy life some of Fos’ assassination affiliates tracked him down. They tortured and killed his wife and 2yo baby right in front of him.

Fos was again alone, paying for the sins of his past. The consequences of his lifestyle. He felt as if he needed to run, to just run away anywhere as fast as he could. He bartered with a goblin named Ringo Tragediction to make him a steam powered ship to sail the seas. He was shipwrecked on a mysterious land home to a race of Humanoid Pandas.

There he met Liu [of the Bottomless Tankard], A Pandaren who started his training in the ways of becoming a Monk. He was inspired by the way of life these bears led, Peace, tranquility and a fighting style he had never seen. He had found a new life on this island. He made new friends and developed an entire different lifestyle. After a few years he started thinking about his son Evan, and if he would ever find him. He then gave himself a quest to find his son and teach him the ways of the monk. He was determined to keep these traditions in his family

The Pandarens gave him a Flying Balloon and he was set to go. He said goodbye to his new friends and those he would call family and set off on an adventure to find all that remained of his family. Fos was also instructed to never speak of his time on Pandaria. He was taught how to astral project in his Zen Meditation if he ever need guidance to the Shrine of the Ox in the Peak of Serenity, the temple he was trained in.

After searching for Evan for a couple years he finally found that he was living in the Grizzly Hills of East Northrend. He went to seek him out and met with him. They lived together talking about life and philosophizing about The Light and self enlightenment for a few months but Evan was his own man, a Hunter. He was not interested in Fos’ new lifestyle and thought that he would be better off a rogue again. Fos was devastated. He then went looking for his Grandson.

He met with them in Stormwind. Gwillym was not the brightest or the most eligible for becoming a monk, however things were cordial and it was good to meet new family.

He was now away from every Monk he knew and every one here still thought of him as a Rogue or Assassin. He ventured off to explore areas he had not seen and connect with the planet, and his own enlightenment. In his travels he came across an enemy worthy of destruction. In the land of Felwood Forrest he found a new mission, to help the Tauren and Night Elves battle back the sickening of the land. It is a corrupted forest filled with tainted creatures of the woods, demonic satyr and infernals, rotting treants and ancients.

Fos had a vision in his Zen Meditation. He traveled to Shrine of the Ox in the Peak of Serenity on Pandaria where he met with Grand Master Hight who told him that the key to his victory would be in the leaves of the local Purple Lotus herb that is only known to grow in Felwood Forrest. Fos approached the Cenarius in a request to harvest this herb where they not only accepted but encouraged after hearing of his vision.

In his vision, Grand Master Hight told him that making a tea from the leaf of the Purple Lotus will encourage enlightenment and to be able to commune with the spirits of the land. This was the key to their victory. Fos was also instructed by his masters in the vision to create a secret society of one worthy of becoming Monks and working toward the Peace of all races in all of the lands. Fos called it “The Purple Leaf”. After some time passes and he has trained several Monks, The Purple Leaf was now a large Secret Society across the Alliance and the Horde.

So now Fos has a new life in Stormwind living with his grandson and his group of adventurers. He has joined his grandson’s best friend’s guild called FATVOE or rather, Froncis and the Vanquishers of Evil. Now he is just living as a retired Rogue adventuring and secretly spreading the training of the monk.

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After the Tabletop WoW RPG story finishes it picks up in the World Of Warcraft Video game

Fos is instructed to find a wondering island with a large group of Pandarens on it by Grand Master Hight. He eventually leaves on a quest, only ‘The Purple Leaf’ knows his real mission. He is on the island for a few more years furthering his training as a monk. This time it is for an upcoming unknown enemy. His experience with the special brew of tea allowed him to commune with the spirits of the land, and he was learning they there was a lot of spiritual unrest. Then one day the Horde and Alliance showed up on the island. He decided to leave this island on a mission; to prepare the secret monks he had trained for battle. H

e arrived to Stormwind to find a very different world. THere was a battle with the Litch King of the north and a severe cataclysm by Deathwing the Destroyer. But in light of everything he ran in to his old friend Lui in Ironforge. He told him that there was a new enemy in pandaria, that the spirits of the land. Lui told him about the Sha. Ten thousand years ago, Shaohao, the last Pandaren emperor, sought to rule wisely, that he might save Pandaria from ruin. To better his people, Shaohao undertook a grand quest to strip away his own negative emotions. He succeeded, and the doubt, anger, fear and still more that he plucked from himself was imprisoned beneath the earth. But it did not lie still. It seeped into the very land Shaohao hoped to protect.

In the heart of Pandaria, Shaohao’s darkness – the Sha – waited, feeding off every harsh word, angry fist or pang of despair. The Pandaren have trained themselves in compassion, patience, and love of life in order to limit their contribution to the power of the Sha, but with the arrival of violent outsiders on Pandaria, all their care may be for naught.

It is not clear if the Sha have an agenda, but there is no doubt that they exist in disharmony with life. Wherever they lurk, they bring and delight in discord and death in a cycle that seems difficult for even the greatest heroes to end. Swords cannot slash doubt. Armor cannot deflect hatred.

Fos was also surprised to find that there several Pandarens here in Eastern Kingdoms and also Kalimdor training Monks to fight the Sha. So now The Purple leaf is no longer forced to be a secret society of monks, but more of a open Brotherhood of monks sought out to keep all of Azoroth safe from the Sha and any other future threat.

Foster MacDonald

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