Gwillym Ap Evan


Loud, vibrant, fun, and a little crazy. He sometimes goes pant-less and will not hesitate urinating in public. With enough ale he is known for all sorts of revelry including singing and bar-fights. has a large blond beard and horned helmet.

Has a brother (Evan) and a father (Fos). His conciders his best friend to be Froncis.


After being visited by Ghosts in a drunken state, he now searches for the hisotry of his family by finding the city of Gauntlgrym in Neverwinter. (Has no knowledge of his family before Fos)

He loves ale and women. He is loyal to his friends and is a holly jolly sort of a guy to everyone else. When drunk he sometimes talks of “Delzoun” and finding “Gauntlgrym”

Gwillym Ap Evan

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