The Veiled Society

Lost Ones

The Lost Ones are the main Thieves Guild in Overlook. They can only be recognized by a black cloud-like tattoo on the left forearm. Their known for their “protection rackets”, their cutpurses, and many fear that they influence the government as well. Besides this, few known facts exist about the thieves guild.

The Outsiders Group ran into the Lost Ones their first day in town. They were attacked and almost robbed before they were defeated. Elarinya suspects that her brother Devir is working with the Guild or one of their contacts.

Later, Modra hired the Lost Ones to retrieve the Brass Key for him, but they failed at that as well and the PC’s discovered that most of the Lost Ones report to an Underboss named Szagyn (human, male).

The Lost Ones are looking for any leverage that they can get on the PC’s to take their revenge… hoping to take advantage of the new bounties that have been placed on their heads.

Mountain’s Hearth refuses to pay protection money to Lost Ones and she pays for it with vandalism and theft to her property.

A man named Szagyn works at an inn in Blister and receives reports from members of the Lost Ones, which the ladies learned from the bandit they’d captured… before he was killed.

The Veiled Society

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